About Me

My name is Abeer Alshatti, I am coach & Mom. Passionate about health, nutrition and fitness +10 years experience.

Certified coach with the following International Certificates:

* International Federation of Body Builders

* National Strength Conditioning Association

* International Sports Science Association

No matter where you are in the world, your Training Systems will be by your side. Leave aside the yo-yo diets, insufficient eating cycles and aimless workout routines, it's time for a transformation and with me: results are the main diving force! I have great aspirations for the future, and I am continually striving to expand my knowledge of exercise, health, food and fitness for the benefit of both myself and my clients.

Once the knowledge is paired with the right training, you become unstoppable. Sports nutrition is on a different level than regular nutrition, especially when you want to go for that optimal performance in exercise.

MY passion is to help people live better lives. To see someone achieve their goals as a result of my help gives me great pride and satisfaction.

I am a hard worker, sincere, friendly and very easy to get on with. I take my job very seriously. With my fresh ideas and your effort we will make a great team.

My Purpose

No matter what challenges you have faced my purpose is to help you reach your goal. I will help you realize your set goals and even help you set new ones. Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, general health and fitness or what is your goal is. I will be dedicated to get you there. The purpose of my job is to create a customized Training System that's suits you and only you.

You will find in the Website a list of packages to suit your different needs and give you great benefit.

Looking forward to working with you.