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This program designed to help you stay consistent with your health and fitness goals during the year and holidays.

Why we designed the guide:

The purpose of this guide is to remind you that commitment is the key in achieving goals.

With this guide, we hope to help you stay committed to your fitness journey and feel great.

As well as encouraging you to enjoy your holiday season, we think it's important to remind you that your health is a priority, not a seasonal trend.

Program includes:

Language: Arabic

5 days of training

Duration of workout: 60 - 75 minutes

Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Exercises include videos, exercise
  • technique and the target muscles
  • Program includes Gym schedule and Home schedule
Required tools:

Gym schedule: Gym machines
Home schedule: Dumbbells, resistance bands and (TRX optional)
  • Workouts during vacation
  • Important nutritional tips during vacation to keep on track
Three meals plans:
  • Plan to maintain, lose fat and build muscle.
  • Plan to lose weight.
  • Plan to gain weight.
  • More than 90+ healthy recipes calculated calories and nutritional values.
  • Macros Calculator
  • Very important workouts and nutritional information.
Terms and Conditions
  • Once you purchase the program from the website, you agree to all terms and conditions.
  • The amount paid to purchase the package is not refundable.
  • The site is not responsible for any injuries.
  • The program does not include any follow-up or communication.
  • The program is for personal use and it is strictly forbidden to share it with others or publish it on social media.
  • The schedule is sent via email, as soon as you subscribe make sure to write an correct email.
  • Please make sure to download the PDF file on your own device as soon as you receive it as it will not be resent in future.
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